Armstrong, L., Hunter, Calos, J.N., Miller, G., Uwins, P. and Barry, J.,

The attrition of smelter grade alumina and resultant dust generation during transfer and pot charging is an important issue for our industry.

Previously published literature will be reviewed to show how hydrate precipitation and calcination conditions are thought to influence Attrition Index of alumina.

This paper relates attrition of selected refinery aluminas to various physical parameters and to microscopic particle characteristics. QAL results from conventional industry measurements will be presented as background towards linking plant precipitation and calcination conditions to hydrate properties and alumina attrition. University of Queensland work investigates fundamental particle structure and composition by microscopy and X-Ray Diffraction and relates these to particle attrition for selected plant samples.

This work advances industry knowledge towards better understanding of alumina Attrition Index in the refinery in the pursuit of higher and more consistent product quality for smelter grade alumina.