The Alumina Quality Workshop began in 1988 as a forum to bring the world’s alumina producers and their customers together to exchange ideas and information around a common goal of improved product quality.

Over time, the workshop has evolved into a major international symposium, covering all aspects of the production of alumina from bauxite, of which alumina quality remains an important aspect. The AQW symposia continue to be held in Australia at an interval of three years.

The Alumina Quality Workshop was incorporated in 1990. AQW (Inc.) is the association charged with the organisation and production of the eponymous conference.

The AQW (Inc.) executive committee consists of representatives of each of the major Australian alumina producers, with the chair (and host) rotating for each conference.

Apart from the conference, AQW (Inc.) was constituted to undertake technical investigations, research and the promotion of tertiary education, in support of the future needs and betterment of the alumina refining and smelting industries. AQW (Inc.) is a non-profit organisation.


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