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Smelter Grade Alumina from Bauxite978 3 030 88586 1

This much-anticipated book has was released by Springer in January 2022. Edited by Benny Raahauge

 and Fred Williams, it is dedicated to Benny who sadly passed away in June last year. A fitting tribute, which is sure to become the definitive reference on the subject for decades to come. Congratulations to Benny, Fred and all the 'Who's Who' of industry experts who contributed their efforts to this monumental work!

'Bauxite to Alumina: the Bayer Process' by Dr Tony Bagshaw is an excellent introduction to Bayer process technology.

Tony BagshawTony came to the alumina industry in 1978 as a Research Chemist with Alcoa of Australia Ltd. During nearly 10 years based at the R&D Department at the Kwinana alumina refinery, he became a Research Supervisor, and spent 8 months on secondment with Professor Barry Welch at the University of Auckland studying the dissolution of smelting grade alumina in molten cryolite bath. In 1988 he joined AMIRA International as Research Director, managing a range of industry-sponsored research projects in alumina refining and aluminium smelting. In 2001 he was closely involved in the development of the first Alumina Technology Roadmap. He left AMIRA in 2005 to set up his own consulting company Chemical Systems Pty Ltd. Amongst his consultancies over a decade he was secretary to the Alumina Technical Panel and, in 2010, was commissioned by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) to update the Alumina Technology Roadmap. He has attended a number of AQW conferences and contributed several papers. Tony retired in early 2016 which presented the opportunity to promote STEM subjects to school students via voluntary work with Scitech, WA’s premier science exhibition centre, and involvement in CSIRO’s STEM Professionals in Schools Partnership. He has recently become involved in the creation of a new Alumina Technology Roadmap website, sponsored by AQW Inc. and the IAI. His main hobby revolves around his vintage and classic MG sportscars. Tony’s academic studies were at the University of Oxford: B A (Honours), M A and D Phil.